Troy Jensen Bridal Makeup Demo on SimplySona
We're excited to see celebrity makeup artist, Troy Jensen, using our ZVJ Brow Gel in Strawburn on the lovely SimplySona to create her gorgeous bridal look!

Feathered Brows
If you're new to shaping and defining your brows, you're going to love the feathered look—not only is it currently on-trend, but it's easier to pull off than a super-defined brow. "Feathered" refers to the wispy, slightly brushed-up effect achieved by combining brow shadow (to fill in gaps) with a brow gel (for volume and hold). Watch Birchbox's Lorelei get this soft, natural brow look with the help of just a few products (and some insider tips) from our very own Zoey Van Jones.

Zoey Van Jones Brow Shaping Technique
Watch and learn from Zoey Van Jones herself as she explains her step-by-step ZVJ Technique. The tutorial showcases the ZVJ salon style brow shaping process, giving a sneak peak into how to achieve a ZVJ approved brow.

ZVJ Brow Shaping Stencil Kit – How to Video
Zoey Van Jones shows you how to use the easy-to-use ZVJ Eyebrow Shaping Stencil Kit. The tutorial demonstrates how to use the shaping stencils to achieve your best brows. You'll also learn the best "grow-out" approach, as well as how to fill in your brows when there is low hair production (i.e. post chemo brows, thinning brows due to thyroid & hormonal conditions, etc.). In the video, Zoey also shows beginners how to trim their own brows and tackles men's brows.

The Karlen Brow Story
Follow Karlen's eyebrow grow out story and see how she achieved her best brows. Karlen also demonstrates how to shape your own brows, using the Zoey Van Jones Eyebrow Shaping Stencil Kit.